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Exciting Projects at Common Ground for 2023!

Sponsorship Award!

Common Ground Community Garden is excited to announce that we have been selected as a 2023 sponsorship recipient from Gardening Know How!! We have to thank our dedicated volunteer and garden secretary, Cindy for generously giving her time and talent to write up the application for this sponsorship. We certainly hoped to be selected but never dreamed we actually would be! We will receive a $1,000 sponsorship as well as a chance to share our Garden’s story with the 125 million gardener enthusiasts around the world who follow Gardening Know How online and through social media. Click the button below to learn more about this fantastic organization, get some helpful gardening advice, and follow Common Ground NRH and other community gardens across the country.


Blueberry Patch!

Blueberries can be a bit tricky to grow in North Texas but that won't stop Common Ground from giving it a go. Blueberries like acidic soil, require a minimum number of chill hours each winter, and depend on cross-pollination from multiple different varieties planted in proximity to one another. Click below for the full guide to growing blueberries in North Texas from Texas A&M University.


New Landscape Planting!

The 2023 Tarrant County Master Gardener Intern Class will be designing and installing a new landscape planting in the common area on the East side of the shed. Goals for this new landscape will be to demonstrate a beautiful drought tolerate landscape which will beautify the garden and draw members of the community (Including beneficial insects and wildlife!) in to enjoy our garden space with us. Don't be surprised if you see these individuals hard at work in the garden soon! Ever wondered how you can become a Master Gardener? Click Below to find out.



Local Community Member and Eagle Scout Ethan A. will be completing his Eagle Scout Project through building a 3 bin composting system for Common Ground Community Garden. This will allow us to begin composting in the garden!


Spring really has begun with a burst of new projects and growth for Common Ground! Just like our vegetables and plants, we cannot wait to see how all of them grow and develop throughout the year. We hope you will follow the progress right along with us! Keep checking back for more blog posts and don't forget to follow us on Facebook at and on instagram at .

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