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Looking at Crops

The Garden Council

The Garden Council is a group of volunteers that help keep the garden running smoothly and effectively.  Learn more about the council members and their positions below!


Rachel Howe

Garden Coordinator

Rachel has been gardening with her husband since 2012, and attained her Tarrant County Master Gardener certification in 2019.  When she isn't at the garden, you can find her beekeeping or participating in (and training for) k9 sports with her gorgeous Doberman dog, Brody! 


Sandy Guthrey

Assistant Coordinator

Sandy has been gardening for about 40 years! She has been a member of Common Ground for 8 years, where she enjoys growing veggies and flowers, and socializing with other gardeners. Her hobbies include reading and photography - she loves to take nature pictures of plants and animals! She is also a member of the Grapevine Garden Club. 


Suzanne Gibbs


Suzanne is a native of Tarrant County and has been gardening since she retired in 2008.  She has been a member of Common Ground since its inception in 2010!  She will tell you that it has been a wonderful experience of meeting new people, learning more about gardening, and actually growing her own produce.  Her hobbies include gardening, gardening, gardening and enjoying her grandkids, who by the way, love coming to Nanny’s garden.  

Cindy has been gardening since she was a kid, following her grandfather in his beautiful vegetable garden. This is her second year at Common Ground and she loves the sense of a sharing  community that she experiences there. She has learned so much from all the gardeners at Common Ground and we are lucky to have her!  Her hobbies include gardening (perennial flowers and vegetables), cycling, and travel.


Cindy Crowe


Otto has been gardening since he was 8 years old, when he had to spade his mother’s garden every spring.  He has been a master gardener since 2012 and has had a plot at Common Ground for 9 years.  Fun fact: Otto just harvested 85 lbs of sweet potatoes!   

Fresh Cabbage

Otto Witt

Garden Steward


Sarah Wilkinson


Sarah (along with her husband and four children) have been gardening organically since 2016.  She joined Common Ground in 2019 when her family moved to NRH and she absolutely loves the knowledge and community that is shared here! In addition to gardening, she enjoys repeating herself 5 times per child, picking up all of the hotwheels cars off of the floor every half hour, and listening to the silence when all of the kids are in bed.

Cabbage Plant

Eric Hagedorn

Member at Large


Ray Morrell

Master Gardener Liason

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