Meet the Garden Council!

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Did you know that Common Ground is organized and run by a group of 7 volunteers that we call the garden council? Each of us has a specific role in keeping the garden looking its best, bringing new ideas to improve the garden, and helping our plot holders be as successful as possible! 


To learn more about each of these roles and who is currently filling it,

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Planting Time!

Now is one of the most exciting season of the year. The season where we plant and look optimistically forward as our crops grow and begin to produce! 

If you are a new gardener this can be an overwhelming time. What to plant? When should I plant it? For some helpful advice and tips, see our latest blog post 


Fresh Cabbage

Our Partners

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Guide to Starting a Community Garden

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From Our Blog

" A garden is not made in a year; indeed it is never made in the sense of finality.

It grows, and with the labor of love should go on growing.” Frederick Eden, 1903