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The Pandemic and Common Ground

Common Ground has not had a work day since February of this year. As a result, many of our common areas have become overgrown and full of weeds. Thankfully, we have some dedicated gardeners who have been working recently to clean up the garden, make repairs and prepare it for winter. Some of those workers include Suzanne and Craig Gibbs, Dianne Spradling, Sandy Guthrey, Rachel Howe, John Mark Jennings, Mike and Sarah Wilkinson, Scott Turnage, Dylan Slaughter and Kevin Rogers. If you helped and your name isn’t mentioned, my apologies!

Part of the Terms of Agreement that you signed when you joined the garden requires that you help in the common areas. You can find the Terms of Agreement pdf by clicking here. The section that describes this requirement is as follows:

Each gardener will support the garden by doing their fair share of common area work. Four (4) of the scheduled workdays per year (every 3rd Saturday of each month) is required of each plot owner. Considerations will be given for special skills, physical and mental capabilities and age.”

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are implementing a new work day program starting in November. You can find all the information on the Work Day Procedures webpage. This program will help us to restrict the number of workers in the garden on a workday and maintain the distancing required by state and local restrictions during COVID, while still allowing us to connect with our gardening community until we can meet as a large group again.

We encourage you to take part in this program to meet the requirements you agreed to when you joined the garden. With everyone’s help, our garden can stay beautiful and be prepared for the winter months. (Thanks to Sandra Guthrey for the pictures).

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